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Psychotherapy is the process of nonjudgmental listening whose aim is to help you have reasonable expectations of yourself and others. This involves looking at what is of concern to you with the hope of bringing reasonable resolution to those concerns and helping you feel better about yourself and others.


Anxiety / Depression / Stress / Trauma

Grief and Loss / Relationships / Divorce


Beth Reimel, PhD

With calm presence, careful listening, empathy, and depth of perception, clients feel safe to open up about what brings them to counseling so they can move toward positive therapeutic outcomes.


You very quickly grasped where I was coming from. I have not felt that 'heard' in ages, and I cannot even begin to tell you how therapeutic our session was. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a therapist. You are amazingly empathic and understanding.

- Client

I can think of few mental health professionals whom I could recommend without reservation, and Dr. Reimel is one of them. Dr. Reimel has the highest level of academic training in her field [PhD from the University of Chicago]. It is also apparent from the moment that you meet her that she is able to communicate easily with others from a variety of backgrounds. She is committed to providing the highest quality of services in a confidential, private setting. While she is thorough, she is also warm. I have made numerous referrals to her during the past 15 years and have consistently had positive feedback from every person.

– Patricia Watson, PhD

Dr. Beth Reimel is an extremely intelligent, thoughtful, caring, effective counselor and therapist. Her soft-spoken, yet direct, demeanor allows her to work well with men and women alike, as well as diverse personalities and age groups. She’s approachable, easy to talk to, and nonjudgmental. I respect Dr. Reimel very much. She holds her clients in the highest regard and is the consummate professional.

– Barbara Hohman

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